2016 Arizona State Fair Campaign: “Fun for Everyone”
Every year, the Arizona State Fair develops a new theme. This theme is integrated across all collateral for the year, including onsite signage, advertising, web, social media and TV/radio. The theme must represent the lighthearted spirit of the State Fair, harken to pleasant memories of fairs past, and inspire the state to travel to the fairgrounds for 18 days and nights of food, fun, music, and entertainment.
My Role:
Creative Strategy / Art Direction / Event Marketing
For 2016, I developed the “Fun for Everyone” campaign theme for the Arizona State Fair. After losing their graphic designer just four weeks before Opening Day, the Fair contracted me for a freelance assignment to create all onsite, digital, and social collateral for the 2016 season. Typically, I would have had nine months to develop the theme and collateral - and this year, it was condensed into a single month. Despite the short turnaround, I developed all assets well within time for Opening Day, including the full theme development, over 150 onsite banners, 18 days of programs, wayfinding materials, and redesigning the entire site from the bottom up. The 2016 Arizona State Fair was ranked 12th in the top 50 North American fairs, with an attendance of 1,144,627 guests.

2016 Arizona State Fair Onsite Banners

2016 Arizona State Fair Website

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