2016 Make-A-Wish International Wishleader Conference Campaign
Theme Concept: Wish Chemistry
Every year, Make-A-Wish representatives from 42 countries come together united under one vision: to grant the wish of every eligible child. More than 150 executives, volunteers, and guests from our global community attend strategic sessions and share best practices, all driven by the goal to grow wishes around the world.
My Role:
Art Direction / Theme Concept / Graphic Design
As Creative Service Manager, and based on my previous event experience, I was called upon to create all of the onsite and supporting materials for the 2016 Wishleader conference. I sought a theme that would reflect the unity and growth inherent in this event, and ultimately settled on the theme of Wish Chemistry. Chemistry is about making connections and linking elements with each other, as well as looking at the composition of the individual elements. In addition to the standard event materials, including name badges, presentation templates, wayfinding, programs, digital assets, and banners, I developed the Make-A-Wish® Periodic Table made up of values, behaviors, characteristics and other building blocks which are at the core of the Make-A-Wish community. This was a highly fulfilling assignment, where I had the opportunity to blend my love for developing event collateral with my person passion for chemistry and science.

Periodic Table of Wishes

2016 Wishleader Conference Program

2016 Wishleader Conference Badge

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