Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona “Blue Means Business” Internal Communications Video
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona (BCBSAZ) expanded their healthcare portfolio for employers in the fall of 2017. In order to educate their internal team members on the new plans, products, and services, they developed an instructional internal communications program called, “Blue Means Business.” This video has been incredibly well-received by BCBSAZ, having been widely used by staff and serving as the cornerstone for all Blue Means Business collateral.
My Role:
Video Editing / Animated Motion Graphics / Infographics
Ideas Collide, an Arizona marketing agency, contracted me as a freelance associate to develop the Blue Means Business video for their client, BCBSAZ. I was provided all assets, including graphics, voiceover and audio, and b-roll. After carefully selecting and organizing b-roll clips from the large library of provided footage, I animated each of the provided graphics to produce an engaging and informative end product. I used Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere on this project. This video was one of many freelance assignments I have completed for Ideas Collide.

BCBSAZ “Blue Means Business” Internal Communications

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