Cabal BQ Brand Identity
The Cabal BQ brand identity is based on the narrative of its founder, and his enthusiasm and passion for everything BBQ. The identity will support and evolve with the owner throughout a BBQ-centric YouTube series, social media content, and competitions, leading up to the opening of a local BBQ restaurant. Cabal BQ aspires to provide the pinnacle of high-quality and award-winning BBQ foods.
My Role:
Creative Direction / Brand Identity / Graphic Design
Phase One of the project was to establish a brand identity for Cabal BQ, design its business cards and create graphics for the owner’s initial video reviews. After finalizing the project scope, I gathered insights by researching and sampling the menus of local BBQ restaurants.
As an initial step, I created three (3) logo concepts in alignment with Cabal BQ’s experience, passion, and professionalism. The first design created was focused on the passion and love of BBQ, by forming a heart made from chicken and steak icons. The second design exemplified professionalism with a minimal and modern style, including BBQ utensils in a thermometer gauge. The third design displayed the experience of Cabal BQ by paying homage to the genre’s roots with a classic cow-brand approach. Ultimately, Cabal BQ chose the third design stating, “[The third one is] my favorite. It’s clean, flows well and combines contemporary with rustic accents.”
After finalizing the logo design, I created the business cards, tagline and brand style guide. Cabal BQ was very pleased with the new brand identity and is looking forward to collaborating on Phase Two of the project.

Initial Logo Concepts

Cabal BQ Style Guide

Final Style Guide

Business Cards and Digital Wallpaper

Drink Coasters

Door Entrance Window Cling

Restaurant Interior Poster

Video Review Graphic

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