Humble Bundle/Make-A-Wish International Partnership Recap Video
Humble Bundle is a program that sells video games at a discount, with all proceeds going to charity. Make-A-Wish International was selected as a beneficiary for a bundle in 2016. They requested one of our international affiliates to record a video game wish. A video team was hired in Chile to follow the wish child and capture the wish realization. The video was well-received, and was shared by Humble Bundle on their website and social platforms, where it has garnered over 37,000 views.
My Role:
Video Editing / Animated Motion Graphics
The Chile production team provided me with the raw footage of their Humble Bundle-sponsored wish, which I edited to produce the Humble Bundle/Make-A-Wish International Partnership Recap Video. I used Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere to create this video.

Humble Bundle/Make-A-Wish Intl. Partnership Recap Video

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