JavaV Vegan Coffee Shop Brand Identity
JavaV was an assignment meant to recreate a situation where someone asks you to create a brand identity with a lightning fast turnaround (in this case, one evening). We were provided the name and description of the company: JavaV, a vegan coffee shop. With that information, we were tasked with developing a logo, an advertisement and another piece of collateral.
My Role:
Art Direction / Brand Identity / Package Design
My designs were heavily influenced by the concept of nature - I wanted the design to incorporate elements of greenery, organic coffee beans and leaves. Through the process of drawing out coffee beans and earthy plants, I began to experiment with negative space. The end result was the JavaV logo above: a mug overtop of a coffee bean symbol and the V built from the negative space with the plant. The one thing I love about this logo is it sums up the name without ever having to spell a single word.

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