Make-A-Wish International Instructional Video: "The Wish Journey"
The Wish Journey is a new program to help educate Wish Granters in order to grant the best possible wishes. This video was the primary instructional tool in the program. It teaches Wish Granters how to be thorough in determining a child's One True Wish and gives examples on how to make the wish as effective as possible. The video was incredibly well-received by the International office and global affiliates. It has been published internationally, is widely used by staff, and is currently being rerecorded in multiple languages.

My Role:
Art Direction / Animated Motion Graphics / Illustration
Early on in my role with Make-A-Wish, I noticed a distinct lack of instructional material for our Wish Granters to help standardize the process and instruct them on providing each child his/her One True Wish. My colleagues agreed, and I got to work. I developed the initial script for the video, based on the agency's vision and objectives for the project. After script approval, I drew out storyboards which I then finalized in Adobe Illustrator. I developed the characters and animation in such a way that the video could easily be utilized across multiple countries, with little to no modification. To stay within our limited budget, I illustrated all characters and backgrounds before handing the project to our animation vendor. I managed the vendor relationship and coordinated the voiceover recording. From start to finish, this was a passion project and helped me hone my skills as an art director.

The Wish Journey Video

Initial sketches and storyboards, including character development

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